Saturday, 12 November 2016

First Diary entry 12th June 2014

I decided to start keeping a diary when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes because I thought it would be interesting to look back on as I made progress towards remission and also because I have had experience of how journaling is a good way to deal with feelings that come up about an issue.

Up to this point I had had my first HbA1c to confirm type 2 diabetes which had been 66 - 48 is the maximum for a non-diabetic.  I had also had a scary meeting with the practice nurse specialising in diabetes who had explained the dire consequences of poorly managed type 2 diabetes (blindness, kidney disease, amputation!).

We had discussed medication (metformin and statins) and, preferring natural healing, I had asked not to be put on any.  She agreed for me to see how it goes for 3 months, at which point I would have another HbA1c.  It was at this point that I started writing to record my progress....

With Reiki friends in the summer of 2013 - on my way to diabetes!

Alarming blood sugar of 13.2 recorded on routine blood test.  10 days later this was reduced to 8 [which I achieved by cutting out ALL sugar!] but diagnosis is that I have type 2 diabetes.

Difficult to accept, but as I look back and find out more I can see how it happened.  After Christmas, with all the sugar indulgence, my weuight was up to 12 st 13 os (181lb) recorded after Easter by the doctors at 81kg.  I went to doctor due to lack of energy, thinking it was due to thyroid or possibly Lymes disease.

I have lost weight constantly since realising that sugar is the issue and this week the weight recorded at the GPs was 79 - down 2 kg.

By my bathroom scales today I am down to 12 st 3lb (171lb).  This is the lowest weight Ive achieved in many years.  I'm excited to be so close to getting under 12 st and feel it's achievable this time because I know the issue.

Stress is also a factor and the past 5 years on TRA [The Reiki Association] Council have not been easy, added to my 'normal' tendency to be stressful.

The high blood sugar, I now understand, has also probably caused the muscle pain I experienced, lack of energy and therefore difficulty in exercising.  Now that I've changed my diet I already have more energy and more motivation to exercise.

So I'm aiming to build muscle as well as loose fat.

Sarah [a Reiki student and friend who is a paramedic] has kindly lent/given me a blood sugar monitor, so I can see what's going on, what makes a difference etc.  Today my glucose level is 7.6 (before breakfast).  I don't know if I'll be able to achieve the ideal BMI (I don't remember ever being that low since teenage) but do aim to get fit and into low 11s.  Still technically overweight but should help blood glucose to be lower.  Most importantly I have a good reason for dietary change and a way to regain better health than I've had for many years (probably since I was in Paris in 19684).

I am wondering if my father had type 2 diabetes as he had a dramatic weight loss a short while before he died.  Maybe he realised he had or was about to have diabetes, so lost the weight.  Sadly for him it was too late, the damage to arteries was already too far advanced, hence the [fatal] coronary.  I intend to be one of those who like the US doctor said "patients who are receiving or have learned Reiki are all doing better than expected"

Monday, 7 November 2016

So what's been going on?

It was my intention to write this blog regularly after I started it in 2015.  However I also decided that I wanted to write a book about my diabetes journey.  So most of the spare time I've had to write has been devoted to that.  I've written 11 chapters so far.

The other thing that has happened is that since I reversed my diabetes I've had more energy and as a result have been able to take on more work.  This has meant less time for blogging!

The other reason for not writing more is that I now recognise how important it is to be more active and as my work sometimes requires me to sit at a computer for quite a long time, I am reluctant to spend more time sitting doing the blog!

However I feel that the time has come to get back to sharing some of my story via this blog and decided today to share some of the thoughts from my diaries as I made my gradual changes and discoveries.

The latest news about my diabetes is that I'm still in remission - my last HbA1c for those of you who know what that is was 41 (below 6%).

I'm still learning and it feels like I'm putting together lots of pieces of a big jigsaw.  There is a lot about diabetes in the media and on TV at present, some of which contains useful information but some of which I find unhelpful.  I don't support the 'scare tactics' used in some TV programmes because although I think people need to be aware of the consequences of undiagnosed and poorly managed diabetes I think what will motivate people more to make change is knowing that change is probably not as hard as they think.

So I hope to be posting more regularly although it will probably only be brief as I will be wanting to go out for a walk!