Thursday, 1 October 2015


Welcome to my new blog where I'll be sharing my story about how I was able to reverse my type 2 diabetes in under 18 months without medication.  Using a combination of nutrition, exercise and Reiki I was able to loose over 2 stone in weight and regain my vitality by reducing my blood glucose levels on a daily basis.  I also found it much easier to loose the weight than expected once I knew that sugar was the problem.

At a time when type 2 diabetes has been talked about a lot in the media, with the threat of the results of the condition overwhelming the NHS, it seems timely to share my story and show how it's possible to overcome it without needing to use medication.  We all know that we need to be mindful of what we eat and how active we are, but what I discovered is that there are other key factors that also make overcoming type 2 diabetes possible.  Receiving a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes - or even being told that you are on the edge of it - can be worrying and depressing.  My intention with this blog is to share how I overcame that initial depression and transformed my life and well being instead.

We hear a lot about the role of diet and exercise - what I discovered was that having Reiki was also very helpful: both the energy and the system that supports the use of it. Reiki (the system) encourages us to see ourselves as a combination of mind body and spirit.  This has been key to my healing.  And by healing I mean coming to a place of wholeness and contentment, not a cure which means going back to how things were.  Although in some senses I have been able to take things back to how they were, I am not the same person I was 25 years ago, so there will inevitably be differences to accept. 

It has been an amazing journey of discovery, piecing together a jigsaw of understanding my body, mind and spirit better.  I am delighted with how much better I feel and hope that sharing my story will help you to restore your vitality too.

It all started with a tick bite while I was on holiday in North Uist in Scoltland...

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